Please note in the UK it is a legal requirement to keep your licence information up to date and correct.

Your online Driver’s Licence application will be thoroughly verified and corrected for any mistakes or oversights before being handled by DVLA.

Our Services

Driver's Licence Application offers a turnkey solution to assist you with your DrivingLicence applications, to keep your Licence protected, to assist you on any Driving Legal issue and to benefit of exclusive discounts on many car-related products and services.
We only charge £81 for our services for a full year: no subscription, no hidden cost; and are detailed below:

  • Admin

    Use our simple step by step solution to apply, renew and replace your UK Driver’s Licence. By choosing our services, your application will be thoroughly checked for any mistakes or omissions before being processed to DVLA. This ensures your application being completed as quickly as possible with minimal delay. Please note Driver's Licence Application is in no way affiliated with the government. You can apply onto the UK Government website or DVLA to benefit from a reduced cost.

  • Licence Protection

    Driver's Licence Application covers any Driver’s Licence’s losses or thefts. We offer unlimited replacements of your Driver’s Licence if you lose it. After being informed of your request, we will apply for a newDriver’s Licence on your behalf; DVLA fees are on us.

  • Legal

    Driver's Licence Application can help you if you are facing a driver’s licence dispute and in need to file a lawsuit, or any other legal issue you may encounter.

  • Customer Support

    Our fees include an unlimited access toa highly-available customer support that is willing to answer any of your inquiries with minimal delay.

  • Loyalty

    We want you to make the most out of your income.That’s why we have secured discounts to fit all lifestyles. We have partnered up with a variety of different retailers to offer you exclusive discounts on many car-related products and services.

We are in no way affiliated with the government of the United Kingdom or the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency).
We are a third party processing agency which charges a service fee for additional benefits.